Kaitlin is a wife to a hard working dude and a mama to a precious little wild child (also known as the girl in these blogs). She grew up in a tiny little town in North Carolina; the rich soil is in her blood. Kaitlin taught in public schools for over 7 years in special education classrooms, specializing in significant disabilities. This job weighed heavily on Kaitlin and when her daughter was born she knew she had to make a change for the welfare of herself and her family. In 2019, she became a Infant Toddler Family Specialist and now goes into homes and daycares to work with families to foster growth and development in their youngest members. This career change gave her the opportunity to spend more time caring for her husband and little wildling and begin writing again. Kaitlin loves to garden and enjoys canning each season, using what she can from her garden. She can be found on a warm sunny day with her hair in a messy bun, a sun hat on her head, and her toes in the soil. She has a goofy German Shepherd, a Miniature Poodle who thinks he’s a cat, a small flock of hilarious chickens and a sleepy goldfish named Fish. The garden weeds and housekeeping usually get the better of her but she tries pretty hard to keep up. She practices gentle parenting techniques as often as possible and reads in her free time. God keeps her grounded and pressing forward. His faithfulness never ceases to amaze her and she strives to share His goodness every day.