Finding release

Yesterday our girl had a situation that was scary, intense, hurtful and new. After some calming conversations, some praying, a trip to the doctor and lots of cuddles and time to rest, she was good to go and seemed fine. This morning she woke before daylight and seemed okay. I laid her in the bed with me to try to rest; she couldn’t settle and was wide awake.

In the dark, I hear her start talking. I asked if she was okay and she said “I just praying mom.” Her voice got teary as she said in her toddler dialect, “and thank you God for helping me. For helping my head and my boo boo. Thank you for mommy and daddy and the doctors. They helped me. They washed me and made me feel better. I was scared. It hurt. . . Thank you making it better and helping me be brave.” She laid back down beside me and when asked if she was okay she said “I feel better now.”

You see, she seemed fine but a day later in the quiet dark hours she needed to process. She needed to speak it out loud. She needed to find some release from the scary situation she’d experienced and was holding inside. She needed to find release from the jumble of scared words and thoughts she was holding inside. She needed something in those dark hours.

We all need that. We need to recognize and acknowledge the things that are weighing us down. We need to search ourselves and find the roots of our stress and pain and confusion. We need to process and release. We need to express where we are in this life and how we’ve been feeling. We need to speak thanksgiving and praise when we go through hard situations and we need to find the good in the difficult. When we examine and express ourselves on those things that are weighing us down, we find healing. Healing leads to freedom and freedom leads to life.

When we take those things to God and trust in His wisdom and love, we find life. When we offer thanksgiving and praise, we find hope and faith. He leads us to help and grace.
If you’re carrying a burden that feels too heavy. If it feels like you’re drowning and it feels scary and lonely. Reach out. Speak up. There is no shame in needing to process and release. There is only grace and strength in the healing.

I pray you find quiet time to search yourself today. I pray you find healing, freedom and life.


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