Prayer for the slaves

Dear God, today I’m praying for invisibility. You know I feel silly asking that sometimes but You also know I 100% mean it. Lord, You see the babies, children, teens and adults that have lost their freedom and are being forced to endure unimaginable traumas and abuse. God, I ask You to make them invisible to their captors, invisible to their abusers and users. Father, I believe that You can close the eyes and limit the bodies of these people seeking to harm Your creation. I beg You to do that for these victims, right now. Right now. All of them. Supernaturally move in their environments and situations each and every minute they are in duress. Every time. Every moment of need, be with them.  Hide them in Your secret place. Protect them, guard them, speak to them, comfort them, help them and heal them. Jesus, You sought out the captives, the broken-hearted, the used and the abuses. Seek them out now, be their rescuer and send them hope in their darkness. Lord it’s hard to fathom how things like this happen and how people can be so broken that they chose to harm others in such a way. God help us to be aware. Thank You for moving and opening the eyes and hearts of our society. Thank You for making us aware and awakening this movement to better protect not only our own families but others as well. Help us not to be sensationalized by this but to make realistic changes and to better support our local, national and international agencies and organizations working to end human trafficking. Help us to be more vigilant and help us to love people. Break our hearts for what breaks Yours. Thank You for the agencies fighting diligently to free those who can’t free themselves from the evils and tortures enslaving them. God, infuse these workers and agents with strength and endurance to fight the evil they find themselves surrounded by. Right now God, please give them this. Guard them, comfort them and give them wisdom as they infiltrate and rescue. Help them to see the hidden, hear the unsaid, and retrieve the untouchable. Lord, we need You in this hour. This season is a hard one as we face things unexpected and we’re becoming aware of hurts and issues we’ve been blind to. Help us Father. Help us grow in this process. Help us love like You love. We claim the victory in the perfect name of Jesus. Amen.


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