A prayer for marriage

Dear God,
Today my heart is heavy for couples who are currently living in strife. I pray for those husbands and wives who aren’t seeing eye to eye. The couples’ whose discords and wrongs seem impossible to rectify. Lord, You hear the conversations that speak of chasms too deep and too wide to cross and I know Your heart is heavy as You feel the pain that Your creation is suffering. God, I claim alignment in the name of Jesus. Alignment of the body, soul and mind within the bond where two become one. Dear God, I pray that You’d speak wisdom in ears and comfort and love to hearts. Give them strength God, open their eyes and help them understand where the battles really lie. I ask for Your protection over their minds and hearts as they battle the unseen foe who tries to steal, destroy and kill what is good and ordained in covenant bond. I ask that you embrace them and send appropriate, healthy comfort their way. Supernaturally move in their marriages. I believe You are a God of miracles and I thank You for the miracles You are doing right now in the marriages and families in our communities. I thank You for the healing You’re leading us into. I thank you for the reconciliation. You are mighty and just and the restorer of the broken hearted. We believe and we claim victory and healing over our broken and hurting marriage relationships in the perfect name of Jesus.

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