“I swallowed some fin. I made mistake mama.”

Tonight, I’m thankful as I lay her in her own bed in our home. 

I’m thankful to not be sleeping beside her in a big hospital bed like we did last night. 

I’m thankful for her toddler honesty as she cried and admitted she’d swallowed something she shouldn’t have.

I’m thankful for our tears as we hugged and talked about learning from our mistakes.

I’m thankful that the foreign object wasn’t where they initially thought it was and is now no longer lost in her body. 

I’m thankful it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could’ve been

I’m thankful for amazing nurses, hospital staff and doctors who gave us their best and served us so well. 

I’m thankful for a wonderful local pediatric nurse practitioner who listened to this momma’s concerns and did X-rays earlier than normal. 

I’m thankful to see her interact with doctors office and hospital staff in ease and comfort rather than fear. 

I’m thankful that she had such an amazing experience in a situation that could have been fearful and full of anxiety. 

I’m thankful for the comfort, knowledge, and help that was offered to me by staff as I had to traverse the unknown by myself in that hospital room with a toddler.

I’m thankful for the prayers sent by immediate family members.

I’m thankful for procedures and rules that helped to keep us safe as the world fights COVID19. 

I’m thankful for the presence of my husband who stood at the hospital doors, a quiet sentinel waiting for word on his precious girl as those Corona regulations kept him at a distance. 

I’m thankful for his patience and his strength as we worked through this together yet apart. 

I’m thankful for a little girl, almost 3, whose bravery, silliness, kindness, and resilience is mesmerizing. 

I’m thankful for baby dolls given for bravery after the IV was placed and stickers given to decorate a new arm wrap. 

I’m thankful for PSPs loaded with movies to help our brains relax after a long, trying day, as nurses figure out the plan for the night. 

I’m thankful for a donated handmade quilt on her hospital bed that offered comfort and warmth. 

I’m thankful for corn dogs and cheeseburgers brought in by an exhausted husband at 10 at night for his 2 hungry ladies.

I’m thankful for hymns sang in the quiet dark, as she fell asleep in my arms hooked up to monitors and fluids.

I’m thankful for anesthesia masks covered in princess stickers and smelling like blueberries in pre-op.

I’m thankful for texts and calls checking in.

I’m thankful for fed chickens and dogs at home while we were away.

I’m thankful for a doctor carrying a specimen cup grinning behind her mask while saying the words “we got it!”

I’m thankful for eyes of all colors above blue masks that offer kindness and comfort in their depths. 

I’m thankful for balloons, stuffed dragons, and grocery store flowers in the hands of masked loved ones that met us at the doors as the nurses wheeled us outside at discharge. 

I’m thankful for precious gifts and visits to the house by grandparents who love and care for her. 

I’m thankful for the penny that now sits in a frame and not lost in my tiny little human. 

I’m thankful that in the 3 years this is our first hospital visit and I’m thankful for her health and protection. 

I’m especially thankful that the Holy Spirit is with us and speaks to us, prompts us in dreams and thoughts to take action. I’m thankful that I listened to the promptings and got our girl help in a timely manner.

Tonight I’m thankful. 


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