I Pray. For her and for them.

I pray she loves the flowers like her momma. 
I pray she’ll like sports like her daddy.
I pray she’ll work hard like her Grandy Blue.
I pray she is strong like her Grandpa.
I pray she can give wonderful gifts to bless people like her NeeMa.
I pray she can laugh at herself like her Grandma.
I pray she can garden like her Great Grandma, love animals like her Great Grammy, clean like her Great Mom Mom and be a homemaker like her Great Goodmama.
I pray she can appreciate the soil like her Great Grandpa and Great Grandy and tinker and piddle like her Great Pop Pop.
I pray she has faith like Whitney and protection like Nicole.
I pray she loves to study like Jeremy and has resilience like Kendall.
I pray she is Kingdom-minded like Walter and loves people like Nick.
I pray she loves to create like Tammy and Nina and is meek like Murray. 
I pray she loves through her grief like Shawnie and speaks truth like Rosella.
I pray she is gentle like Yvonne and Hazel and will love preciously like Ramona, Louise and Jean.
 I pray she is brave like Shante and steadfast like Jordan.
I pray she has intimacy with her heavenly Father like Ivey.
I pray she learns to rest like Johnny. To rest in body and in soul. To rest in Him.
I pray she learns confidence like Robin and keeps it close as she grows.
I pray she will be kind like Cristy and compassionate like Leah.

As I pray over her, I pray for them. For their lives, their journeys, their hopes and dreams and their legacy. I thank God for them. They are my people. As they touch my life and make it better, I pray that the things that make them shine can also be reflected in her. 

Look around you. See your people. Look past the flaws to the beautiful. See the glorious being that God created. Identify the strengths that sometimes hide. Appreciate the places they’ve been and celebrate what they’ve risen out of. Applaud the victories small and large.  It doesn’t have to be loud and in their face. Pray for them when they cross your mind. Stand with them. Stand for them. See who they are and support them as they grow. They are yours to love and cherish.

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