Let us not be silent in the night

Let us not be silent in the night. 
Let us join in the fight. 
Heaven help us, they cried
Another one has died. 

Please reach down and Your people please Save,
We can’t take another ripping wave,
Ripped apart, ripped in heart,
You know the tortures, know the pains,
Please Lord, calm these acid rains,
Rains that pour, drown and flood,
Cleanse our thoughts and actions with Your blood,
Jesus help us, they cried.
Another one has died.

Bring freedom, bring Your rest,
We know You know best,
But some have walked so long,
Their heart is heavy, quiet is their song,
Their steps falter and weave,
My heart, oh how it hurts as they grieve,
For us, for them, for the future and the past,
We give to You, we give it all, the hurts to You we cast,
Father help us, they cried,
Another one has died. 

Holy Spirit, 
We beg You, speak,
Comfort those burdened and weak,
Stoke the fire, help us burn, keep it alive,
Rise up, bring justice, birth peace, unity arrive,
Help us love, help us see,
Beyond, to each and every real me,
We lean, we cry, we need each other’s shoulder
Our hearts, left alone, die and molder.
Whisper to our hearts, help us move,
Our hurts we beg You to soothe,
Holy Spirit help us, they cried,
Another one has died. 

Keep us vigilant, keep us as a guard,
The thief is stalking through our yard. 
But does the guard tremble in fear, 
Knowing that evil’s near?
The guard is brave,
Standing through the battering wave,
The guard is firm, the guard sees.
The guard’s duty, we hold the keys.
Look in, relearn and reach out,
The world depends on us without a doubt,
Hold on with all our might,
Let us not be silent in the night,
Let us join in the fight. 
God help us, we cried,
Another one has died.


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