A prayer for our children

Dear Lord,
Be with our kids. Please love on them extra good right now, Father. They are struggling and most don’t understand it or even recognize it. I know I didn’t recognize when I was drowning in life as a kid and teen. You saw me then and You see them now.

I ask You to give them peace, reassurance, and love. Wrap them in it. Cover them in Your light. Infuse them with Your healing presence into every cell and every thought process. Untangle thoughts of confusion, pain, lies, anger, death and fear. Replace their thoughts with Your thoughts. Thoughts of love, forgiveness, grace, joy, truth and life.

God, I ask that You send them people of honor, wisdom, and integrity. They so desperately need people in their corner to love, push, guide, and teach them. Send them ones who will stand behind them and I claim Your protection over them from those who seek to hurt, steal and destroy them. Protect them and guard them.

Give them opportunities to learn what grace and mercy is. Whisper to them in moments where accountability is tested and their integrity needs to be proven. Help them to rest. Help them to hear, Jesus. Help them to see. Help them to love as You love. Pour out Your strength into them when the nights are long and they struggle to find any light in the darkness. Wrap them in Your embrace and I pray that they learn to recognize You in all Your Goodness as You hold them together when the world threatens to tear them apart. Thank You for our babies, God. Please help us as we help them. Thank You for entrusting them to us. Thank You for keeping them and keeping us. You are mighty. You are just. You are sovereign. You are our redeemer and our fortress in life. You are. We praise You.

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