Wedding Attire

Phone conversation with my darling husband a few weeks ago:
Me: “Hey, don’t forget Gab’s wedding is Saturday and I have to work so when I get off we need to head home for the wedding.”
Kyle: “okay that’s fine. So I guess we need to go to Belk’s?”
Me: “uh. . . Why do we need to go to Belk’s?”
Kyle: “because I’ll need a shirt. I know you like for us to match when we go to stuff like that. Do I have anything that’ll match your pregnant clothes?”
Y’all. I smiled so big my cheeks hurt. When I was 16 and daydreaming about what amazing things my future husband would say to me to prove his love for me, I never imagined something as breathtakingly simple yet profound as this. It’s amazing how my perspective has changed in the last few years. #loveinreallife #marriageperspective #Godisrockingourmarriage #covenant

Originally written: June 13, 2017

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