The Job Change

About three months ago, Kyle, my husband, and I made a pretty big decision for our family. I was really struggling with my job and it was affecting me in every aspect of life. For the past few years I’ve had to go on anxiety medicine from August through June and in December had to increase my dosage because I was so overwhelmed. In 2017, my cherished friend Cristy told me that the medicine should be a short term help not a long term solution for a problem whose answer is simple yet for me was exceedingly difficult to swallow. Those words have stuck with me and together kyle and I decided to make a big jump of faith. About two months ago I turned in my letter of resignation and haven’t taken a pill since. A few weeks ago I said farewell to my class and coworkers and last week started a job that is giving me a chance to give more time and support to my family. Today I walked by a window and caught myself beaming in the reflection and I realized how much healthier my mental state is. I say all this because I want to tell you that change is hard but worth it. Satan worked hard to make me miserable and when I put in my letter he stepped up his game. He has thrown some tough stuff in our path to distract us, to make us doubt our decision, and to question our Father on His plan. The journey for change has been hard and it has hurt. BUT I’m smiling easier, sleeping better, my house is cleaner, I’m more patient and kind to myself and I’m catching myself hugging people more and giving random compliments to strangers like I used to in college. If you’re stuck in a negative cycle, environment or situation, keep pushing through, keep praying and praising, keep your chin up, and if God is leading you, make a change. Gird yourself because it’ll get harder before it gets easier because Satan hates seeing us rise above our circumstances and he despises seeing us grow. But know JOY comes in the morning. Know His love is limitless and His mercy is renewed daily. Know His faithfulness is greater than you can comprehend. He thinks your battle scars are breathtakingly beautiful. Choose life. ❤️

All this also comes from the Lord Almighty, whose plan is wonderful, whose wisdom is magnificent. Isaiah 28:29 (NIV)

*Originally written 3/26/2019 and we are still so thankful for this change we made a little over a year ago.

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